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Best start of Medicom Bearbrick Toy

Medicom Toy, founded in 1996, is a Japanese brand that specializes in making collectable toys and action figures. Medicom Toy’s goal was to make collectable works of art rather than traditional toys, hence its items were offered in limited quantities. The Bearbrick series, a collection of bear-shaped figurines imprinted with various patterns, is their most popular line of toys. Today, the ‘Bear’ is as much a fashion symbol as it is an artistic one. It’s a clever design that combines the simplicity of a plastic toy with the aesthetic impressionability of modern art and dynamic luxury fashion.


What is Medicom Bearbrick Toy?

Medicom Bearbrick is a one-of-a-kind vinyl toy that has been a highly sought-after collectible since its initial introduction roughly 21 years ago. Despite being a basic plastic toy, it has been embraced by some of the world’s largest fashion firms and designers to exhibit their latest concepts and initiatives. Despite its low cost, the plastic bear-shaped figurine is quite desirable to collectors.

Bearbrick is available in a variety of sizes. The standard one is 70mm tall, often known as 100% on the size scale. Bearbricks size 35mm, or 50%, are commonly offered as keychains. Larger sizes include 280 mm (400%) and 700 mm (1000%), the latter being the biggest Bearbrick size available. The 400% and 1000% sizes are preferred by the majority of collectors. Vinyl toys are little more than basic plastic figures, yet they have completely changed the toy market.

The Bearbrick’s strength is that it does not identify with any particular brand or point of view. With each new cooperation, the toy is introduced to a new generation of collectors.

From the contactor who used worked for the brand Bearbrick, even Medicom’s business strategy, which has resulted in decades of success, is little more than a blank piece of paper. “They fire from the hip,” Staple explains. The Bearbrick’s fascination was akin to that of bags, belts, and other minor accessories like keychains and phone covers for both fashion houses and streetwear labels. The toys enabled them to reach a completely new, generally younger, audience.

Which personalities have had connections to Bearbrick?

Upon its first release, Medicom Toy Australia collaborated with Tokyo’s record store HMV to create a one of a kind Bearbrick. It was their first time working together. Since then, the business has produced special editions of the toy to commemorate holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, as well as cartoon and comic characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Avengers, and Star Wars. Medicom Toy collaborated with Chanel, Nike, X-Large, Hermès, Comme Des Garçons, Bape, CLOT, Levis, Stüssy, and Undercover, among other major fashion and streetwear labels, for special Bearbrick releases.

Why Bearbricks are so exclusive?

A Bearbrick toy is like a blank canvas, over there anyone may design whatever they like. Consider a video game in which you may outfit your favourite character whatever you like. Bearbrick is similar to that.

The prominent names that have cooperated on Bearbrick toys have released their designs. These are in addition to the standard Bearbrick toys.

In general, Regular Bearbrick collectables might be considered as “basic” or “normal” toys. Bearbricks in this category are part of a set series made to mimic a horror or science fiction figure, a hero, an animal, a general pattern, a flag, or simply a cute-looking figurine.

The “secret” series, on the other hand, comprises highly uncommon Bearbrick themes. Above all, Bearbricks are not intended for sale, however, for marketing purposes are much harder to get one.

Because of the variety of design elements, each Bearbrick edition is unique. Because of these characteristics, Bearbrick has become a trophy sought for by many but owned by few.

Medicom Bearbrick Toys

The Yue Minjun ‘Qiu Tu’ 1000 percent Bearbrick, launched in 2008, This Bearbrick is the most expensive Bearbrick ever sold until now, the price is GBP 126,000. The KAWS blue bear-shaped ‘Chomper’ edition, with the artist’s characteristic ‘X’ mark on the eyes, is one of the most immediately recognisable Bearbricks. Here are some of the Medicom Bearbrick toys used in Australia and liked by most of the people and children:

Pac-Man Bearbrick

Medicom Toy Pays Tribute to Retro Gaming The toymaker has tapped ’80s gem, PAC-MAN, for the creation of its iconic silhouette with ‘PAC-MAN’ bearbrick.

The statue has a glossy black base and is adorned with pictures of old PAC-MAN motifs portraying the retro game screen. A print of the scoreboard, along with the life count, begins at the top of the figure, and is supplemented with a short sequence of Pac-Man approaching a red ghost at the eyes.

The bearbrick’s body is decorated with the maze from the game, with four ghosts seeking for Pac-Man moments before it swallows an orange.

Medicom Toys Swarovski Crystals Adorned Hello Kitty Bearbrick

Medicom Toy has added a glittering new Bearbrick to its portfolio, with a sparkly Hello Kitty figurine among the new possibilities. The design is adorned with Swarovski crystal decorations all over for a luxurious touch on the famous toy.

The Hello Kitty figurine is available in 400 % scale and is dressed in a blue jumpsuit with her distinctive red hair bow. To top it off, her little whiskers and dark eyes create contrast to the sparkling piece.

How to start your Collection?

Bearbricks are introduced in Series and Types. There are four Types in each Series. The current version is SERIES 42. Bearbricks may be browsed by year and size on the official website. You may select 2001 from the drop-down menu and choose from the numerous that were released at the time.

There are several unique versions in the 2021 releases, such as the textile sculpture inspired Anne Valerie Dupond Bearbrick and the translucent Jimmy Choo one with a light bulb inside.

Lightning McQueen, the hero of the Disney animated feature picture Cars, has his own Bearbrick.

Once a collection is established, there’s a good probability it will grow as more unique Bearbricks come out of Medicom Toy and older ones become rarer figures.