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What is an art toy

The birthplace of art toys in Hong Kong. Art toys are also known as fashion toys, designer toys, etc. It is designed and produced by some designers and artists. The size ranges from a few centimetres to tens of centimetres. The material is mainly vinyl, which is easy to shape, and sometimes art toys also use wooden materials, metal materials, and pixel materials to manufacture.

Art toys and their designers

Trendy toys are also inseparable from their creators. Taking Kaws as an example. At the end of 1990, Kaws got noticed by the Japanese fashion brand Bounty Hunter, through the recommendation of his Japanese friends, he began to design limited-edition toys for them.
Perhaps it was because of having experience as an animator for the Disney Company. He is good at breaking the original shape and creating a new one based on the classic animation image. The design of the Kaws Companion is inspired by the black and white image of Mickey Mouse. Companion also has the meaning of companionship, and this image has become one of his most popular works in the future.
The success of Kaws on social media is also an important reason for him to become a contemporary art pioneer. Street art is very suitable for the dissemination of social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is a hashtag #kaws with 900w on Instagram alone, far more than other contemporary artists.
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Relationship between art toys and traditional artworks

A parent of a junior high school student will reward the child to buy a fashion toy after his child has achieved excellent results. When children make purchases, they have their preferences and aesthetics. The fashion toys can be serving as a memorial, companionship, and home decoration of their own lives; besides, they can also be listed on some platforms for resale. The price of art toys will go up and down according to the market. Although it is only a toy, the process and the result are almost no different from the art pieces in the traditional market.
Perhaps the biggest difference between trendy toys and traditional artworks is the separation of creation and production. At present, the most expensive trendy toys in the auction market are still made by European, American, and Japanese artists. Nevertheless, the packaging of trendy toys is printed with the Made in China label. Very few orders that require cutting-edge craftsmanship will be processed in Japan. In other words, many traditional artworks contain the artist’s craftsmanship. With the development of technology, many artists now only provide ideas, while execution and production come from another party.

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