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Mighty Jaxx and Kaws New Collectibles!

Mighty Jaxx New Collectibles!

Mighty Jaxx has released some new limited-edition collectibles that are quickly selling out! At X-Playground we currently have the limited edition Mighty Jaxx Picky Eaters: The Maiden. Inspired by the McDonald’s, KFC, and Red Rooster franchises, popular designer-artist Po Yun Wang has created some very popular Mighty Jaxx collectibles. Many stores are already sold out and stocks are extremely limited. With a simple design with a funny expression, Po Yun Wang has appealed to many fast-food lovers and Mighty Jaxx fans. Another limited-edition collectible that has been released is Mighty Jaxx Droopy Cat. A peculiar design but also a funny expression that many can relate to when feeling either drowsy or sleepy. This droopy cat is another Mighty Jaxx collectible heavily sought out by many collectible fans.

Looking for more than just the newly released Mighty Jaxx collectibles? No fret, we have plenty of other Mighty Jaxx collectibles! The ever-popular Mighty Jaxx a Wood Awakening. Inspired by the popular movie Pinocchio, a Wood Awakening has taken this beloved character and transformed him with a bit of a twist. The classic edition is the iconic colour scheme of the original Pinocchio whereas other editions have transformed him with a haunted look such as a vampire.

Buy Kaws Keyholder!

Aside from Mighty Jaxx, many other collectors are intent on being able to buy Kaws, another popular collectible. Being able to buy Kaws, is a staple for many collectible fans. Kaws has also released some very simple but highly popular collectibles, including the Tokyo First Accomplice Keyholder which comes in different colours and designs. The iconic “x x” expression across its eyes that is contrasted with a smile has a simple and elegant look, but what is convenient about the collectible is that it is a key holder. Spice up your keyholders and give yourself something different by buying Kaws.

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X-Playground are Your Collectible Friends!

Mighty Jaxx and Kaws collectibles are some of the most popular products at X-Playground. We are a Melbourne-based business shipping popular, limited edition, and rare quality designer collectibles directly to you, allowing you to start your own authentic collections. Every product on our page is acquired authentically allowing you to rest with ease that our products are legitimate. Want to buy Kaws or Mighty Jaxx for your collection? Check Mighty Jaxx here or buy Kaws here and hurry whilst stocks last!