Mr Maria: Lamps with Temperature

Mr Maria: Lamps with Temperature

Mr Maria from the Netherlands is a lighting brand established in 2006. It was co-founded by designers Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Over the years, it has been committed to designing all kinds of lamps and lanterns full of childhood feelings. Mr Maria, who takes “design for a loving home” as the design tenet, has transformed the familiar cartoon patterns of Miffy, elephants, dogs, etc., into lamps and lanterns. Through the combination of design and cartoon shape, the gap between the product and the heart is shortened, and the healing cute lamps can melt the negative emotions of adults and babies little by little.

Warm companionship of Mr Maria at home

The popular Miffy lamp is the creation of Dutch artist Dick Bruna. It is not only the best-selling children’s book series in the Netherlands but also an internationally known cartoon star. It has accompanied countless children through a wonderful childhood. Miffy’s simple and kind figure style attracts children and evokes the innocence of adults. The successive launches of elephant, dog, and smiley lamp expressions make Mr Maria quickly become the preferred brand of healing lamps. Mr Maria brings familiar cartoon stars into their daily homes and becomes a warm companion in the corner. You can put Mr Maria at the kid’s bedside. It is also an excellent lighting decoration when reading bedtime stories. Put it in the living room at home, it can also quietly play the function of healing thoughts.

Miffy lamps by Mr Maria

Morning greeting from Miffy lamps by Mr Maria

In 1955, Dick Bruna was on a family vacation. He was strolling along the north coast of Rotterdam and met a little hare running and standing in front of him. Suddenly, a pair of eyes triggered a playful and cute idea, and Miffy was born.

The lovely Miffy lamp has a built-in LED light source and recyclable PE plastic. The light-transmitting white lampshade will not feel hot even if you hug it. There is also a dimmer that can adjust the brightness of the light. The mild colour replaces the dazzling light, reflecting a comfortable atmosphere, even if it is placed in the room as a night light, it will not disturb your sleep. Have a good dream together. When the sun is shining in the room, you open your eyes and find a cute bunny saying good morning to you. This is how a beautiful day begins. Put it in any corner of the house at will, and it will immediately bring you a nice day.

The happiest smile from Mr Maria Smiley Lamp

The happiest smile from Mr Maria Smiley Lamp

The original smiley face of the smiley lamp was designed by Franklin Loufrani in 1971. At that time, it was mainly through newspapers to propagate positive news to the society, so that people who had gone through wars felt happy. Therefore, in a short period of time, the smiley face has become the most well-known symbol in the world.

The Mr Maria Smiley lamp designed by Mr Maria is undoubtedly the happiest lamp so far. People of any age will smile involuntarily when they see it. The smile light has an adjustable and bright LED light, which gives the smile light a beautiful and warm glow to illuminate every room. A smiley face is not just an icon, brand, and lifestyle, it is a spiritual philosophy. It exists to remind people of the power of smiling. A simple smile can change your life and the lives of others around you to a great extent.

Where there is light there are shadows, but there’s no need to fear. The elusive Mr Maria will always be there, keeping a watchful eye on your family shining bright. At X-playground we offer premium Mr Maria lamps. Explore Mr Maria lamps today!