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Mr Maria Smiley Lamp and Takashi Murakami

Why is Takashi Murakami so Popular?

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who works in fine arts media and commercial fashion, merchandise, and animation.

Murakami’s art encompasses a wide range of media and is generally described as ‘superflat’. Takashi coined the term ‘superflat’ which in essence describes the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and nature of the post-war Japanese culture and society.

Murakami’s art is distinct for its use of colour and motifs from Japanese traditional and popular culture. His work can be described as either cute or satirical and among his work, the most famous are his smiling flowers.

A reason for Takashi Murakami’s popularity is that his art successfully blurs that art lines between high and low culture. This is visible in his Murakami Flower which finds its origins in traditional Japanese painting. Moreover, Takashi Murakami has demonstrated the ability of fine artists to be as successful with commercial artists as well as being able to collaborate with well-known and iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton

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Who is Mr Maria?

Mr. Maria is a designer who has created the iconic Miffy Lamps which are wanted all over the world. Miffy is the world-famous Dutch rabbit created by artist Dick Bruna. The popular kids television show creates a sense of familiarity, warmth, belonging, and love as Miffy’s friendly demeanor is adored and loved by all children.

With a vision of trying to create optimism, happiness, and laughter in this world, Mr. Maria has also designed the Mr Maria Smiley Lamp. The Mr Maria Smiley lamp designed by Mr Maria is undoubtedly the lamp that will put a smile on your face any time of the day. People of any age will smile involuntarily when the big smile.

The LED bulb of Mr Maria Smiley Lamp is designed to emit a warm glow with different adjustable lighting settings that can warm you up or illuminate a room. A smiley face commonly seen as an icon, brand, or lifestyle has become a spiritual philosophy that exists to remind people the power of smiling. A simple smile can change many lives, especially the people around you and yourself to a significant extent.

mr maria smiley lamp in Australia

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