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Takashi Murakami Key Chains and Restocking!

The humble Murakami flower created by none other than Takashi Murakami is back! This time with a simple concept but something that is used prevalently in our daily lives, key chains. That’s right, Takashi Murakami has created 12 unique, limited, and highly popular Murakami flower key chains for everyone to collect and use in their daily lives! A simple item, a keychain can now be a subtle flex to your friends with a Takashi Murakami collectible key chain! With 12 different color schemes all at an affordable price, this Takashi Murakami keychain is one you do not want to pass by!

Looking for other Takashi Murakami collectibles? We have got you sorted! Another subtle flex you can have is the Takashi Murakami Flower Field iPhone 13 case. Hurry whilst limited stocks last, the digital Murakami flower with different color schemes is a must-buy for iPhone users looking to flex their Takashi Murakami collectibles. Whip out your phone and you will be subtly flexing with this collectible.

Takashi Murakami posters have also been stocked up! We have Takashi Murakami’s Time Furoshiki, Friendship, Forever, and many more posters back in stock for a limited time! Looking for other Takashi Murakami collectibles? Hurry and click here and scroll down for more Takashi Murakami products that are still in stock with other products quickly selling out!

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Takashi Murakami is simply a sensational wonder in the designer collectibles industry.  His Murakami flower is an international sensation and wonder among many collectors and is heavily sought after. As a testament to his international sensation and fanbase, Takashi Murakami’s products are instantly sold out within mere minutes and are in limited edition stock. At X-playground, we aspire to provide authentic, legitimate, and quality designer collectibles to you directly through international shipping to add to your growing collection. Buy Takashi Murakami today whilst stocks last!