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What is Mighty Jaxx? Why is Mighty Jaxx popular?

Mighty Jaxx has remained a prominent force in global pop culture through its use of cool design and ability to adapt, making it one of the most popular and heavily hyped designer collectibles. Similar to many other designer collectibles, Mighty Jaxx have extremely high market demand but low market supply. Due to this many collectors seek Mighty Jaxx collectibles as a form of investment. After all, with a limited supply chain, and ever-growing popularity designed off many favourite characters, Mighty Jaxx collections are bound to increase from its initial retail price.
To stand out in the collectibles space, innovation is key. The XXRAY brand is how the Mighty Jaxx brand illuminates and separates itself from the other designer collectibles. Popular characters from Sesame Street, Garfield and Toei Animation have further enhanced and accelerated the popularity of Mighty Jaxx. These designs can also be turned into wearable art through the lifestyle collection, including several products, like T-Shirts and shoes. Moreover, Mighty Jaxx have also collaborated with artists to create original set of works where each collection is completely unique due to the artists imagination, allowing them to not only make a name for themselves but also to test their individual creativity.
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Mighty Jaxx was founded in 2012, an award-winning future culture organisation that partners up with iconic, famous, and popular artists to create and manufacture ironically unique and spectacular collectibles. With popular partnerships with many globally recognised brands such as Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Hasbro, Toei Animation, and many more global sensations. With a plethora of partnerships and artists, Mighty Jaxx can be recognised for their collectible figurines through re-envisioning characters such as Pinocchio, Garfield, One Piece and giving them a twist on their original design. Known as the hidden dissectible, Might Jaxx have perfected an engineering marvel by creating characters half alive with their original design whilst also half skeletonised. Skeletonised may sound off-putting but it works wonders with the designs manufactured by Mighty Jaxx!
Mighty Jaxx are paving the path to collaboration and collectibles by engineering unique and forming major partnerships with global icons and brands. Each Mighty Jaxx drop and collectible when released is always guaranteed to be original, unique, and limited edition. That is why Mighty Jaxx have created a name for themselves among collectors and collectible items. An inability to get them anywhere else once stocks are gone, and designed to be different from others, Mighty Jaxx is a collector’s dream!
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