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5 Things You Should Know About Medicom Toy


Japanese toy company MediCom Toy was founded by Tatsuhiko Akashi in 1996. The brand is becoming more iconic to the popular culture since then and turned collectible figures into a global phenomenon. The cultural significant toy manufacturer has been leading the market to a demarcation of taste and interests. Emphasising on reconstructive different cultures, they use figures and collectables as a medium tap into mainstream pop culture. At the same time, they are very good at marketing.  Every year MediCom throws a highly anticipated exhibition which house their notable original design by renowned artists to the delight of hardcore collectors and laymen alike. Combining a childhood obsession with toys and an adult fixation with collecting limited items, their exhibition entries require an admission lottery, and their exhibition memorial items are sold in limited quantities. You can see their understanding to humanity and popular cultures and know why they can remain their impact in the fast-changing fashion community.

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Tatsuhiko Akashi, founder and president of MediCom is not a typical designer. He worked a desk job in computer manufacturing before he started the business. He was inspired by an American toy shop in Shibuya and started to realise his vision to construct a miniature world of marvel.


Shortly after founding MediCom, Akashi found his first hit in the form of a small Lego man-like figure called the Kubrick. The basic Kubrick was developed with a former employee of LEGO. The series name “Kubrick” is additionally a hybridization of “Kyu,” Japanese kanji for the number nine, and the English “Brick.” While nine refers to the number of body parts used in a standard Kubrick figure (head, torso, hips, two arms, two hands, and two legs), brick is a reference to Kubrick’s similarity to Lego Minifigures.

The first Kubrick figures were representations of characters from the manga and anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, released in 2000. Since then, hundreds of Kubricks have been produced. With the popularity of the Kubrick skyrocketing, Akashi unveiled the [email protected] series on May 27th, 2001. The new figure, named [email protected], was a variation of the Kubrick figure with bear-like features. Interestingly, the only reason the [email protected] is a bear is because the teddy bear was celebrating its 100th anniversary in the year 2000. Even Akashi himself won’t anticipate that the series will turn into a cultural icon that spawned devout fans.

Brands and collaboration

The company has been producing special editions of the toy, marking festivals as well as cartoon and comic characters. They have been partnering with a lot of big names like KAWS, Hermès, Star Wars, Disney, Chanel as well as some hyped streetwear brands like BAPE, CLOT, Undercover and the list continues to grow for sure.

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Influence on popular culture

MediCom has done almost the impossible, by avoiding market research altogether, Akashi creates designs that aren’t bound or limited by trends. His approach to design made his work not just a toy, but an artwork that positions itself in the intersection of art, fashion, culture, and fun that represent pop culture today. The appeal of MediCom Toy has always been in its unpredictability. With the encouragement of Akashi, the MediCom team can create anything they want. Everyone can express themselves through their design. We believe that the brand will continue to produce an endless array of desirable toys with unlimited themes. That is the significance of MediCom Toy.

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Mr Maria: Lamps with Temperature

Mr Maria: Lamps with Temperature

Mr Maria from the Netherlands is a lighting brand established in 2006. It was co-founded by designers Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Over the years, it has been committed to designing all kinds of lamps and lanterns full of childhood feelings. Mr Maria, who takes “design for a loving home” as the design tenet, has transformed the familiar cartoon patterns of Miffy, elephants, dogs, etc., into lamps and lanterns. Through the combination of design and cartoon shape, the gap between the product and the heart is shortened, and the healing cute lamps can melt the negative emotions of adults and babies little by little.

Warm companionship of Mr Maria at home

The popular Miffy lamp is the creation of Dutch artist Dick Bruna. It is not only the best-selling children’s book series in the Netherlands but also an internationally known cartoon star. It has accompanied countless children through a wonderful childhood. Miffy’s simple and kind figure style attracts children and evokes the innocence of adults. The successive launches of elephant, dog, and smiley lamp expressions make Mr Maria quickly become the preferred brand of healing lamps. Mr Maria brings familiar cartoon stars into their daily homes and becomes a warm companion in the corner. You can put Mr Maria at the kid’s bedside. It is also an excellent lighting decoration when reading bedtime stories. Put it in the living room at home, it can also quietly play the function of healing thoughts.

Miffy lamps by Mr Maria

Morning greeting from Miffy lamps by Mr Maria

In 1955, Dick Bruna was on a family vacation. He was strolling along the north coast of Rotterdam and met a little hare running and standing in front of him. Suddenly, a pair of eyes triggered a playful and cute idea, and Miffy was born.

The lovely Miffy lamp has a built-in LED light source and recyclable PE plastic. The light-transmitting white lampshade will not feel hot even if you hug it. There is also a dimmer that can adjust the brightness of the light. The mild colour replaces the dazzling light, reflecting a comfortable atmosphere, even if it is placed in the room as a night light, it will not disturb your sleep. Have a good dream together. When the sun is shining in the room, you open your eyes and find a cute bunny saying good morning to you. This is how a beautiful day begins. Put it in any corner of the house at will, and it will immediately bring you a nice day.

The happiest smile from Mr Maria Smiley Lamp

The happiest smile from Mr Maria Smiley Lamp

The original smiley face of the smiley lamp was designed by Franklin Loufrani in 1971. At that time, it was mainly through newspapers to propagate positive news to the society, so that people who had gone through wars felt happy. Therefore, in a short period of time, the smiley face has become the most well-known symbol in the world.

The Mr Maria Smiley lamp designed by Mr Maria is undoubtedly the happiest lamp so far. People of any age will smile involuntarily when they see it. The smile light has an adjustable and bright LED light, which gives the smile light a beautiful and warm glow to illuminate every room. A smiley face is not just an icon, brand, and lifestyle, it is a spiritual philosophy. It exists to remind people of the power of smiling. A simple smile can change your life and the lives of others around you to a great extent.

Where there is light there are shadows, but there’s no need to fear. The elusive Mr Maria will always be there, keeping a watchful eye on your family shining bright. At X-playground we offer premium Mr Maria lamps. Explore Mr Maria lamps today!



What is so special about KAWS?

Uniqlo has been open for a long time. It’s not surprising that people line up for several kilometres to buy designer collaboration models. However, on June 3rd people swarmed in before the fence was rolled up to buy KAWS x Uniqlo, which was the first time.

These great rewards for Uniqlo’s rushing behaviours circulated on the Internet are preheated and carefully planned marketing by Uniqlo. This marketing is related to two dolls with “X X” eyes. Many people may not even know their names. The image with “X X” eyes on the top of the head is called BFF, and the image with “X X” eyes on the face is called “COMPANION”.

This is a character created by American trend artist KAWS. In recent years, it has appeared more and more frequently in various places. For example, it turned out in the 2018 Apple conference video “Behind the Mac”, Apple’s outdoor billboard, Changsha International Financial Centre, on the sea surface of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, and on the desk of a colleague.

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How to identify the cartoon character with “X X” eyes?

KAWS‘s works mainly include street art, paintings, giant sculptures and toy decorations. In the past few years, he has mainly sold 13 unlimited toys, including 8 COMPANION, 2 BFF, and 3 Small Lie. These humanoid toys use the simple symbol “X X” to represent the eyes, and it is also one of the most important marks in KAWS’s work. KAWS was dominated by street text graffiti in the early days, but in the current stage of artistic creation, he wanted to use a simple form to retain the early style characteristics, so he used the symbol “X”.

Among the three lines, the COMPANION with skull and cross skull is the most widely spread and the most representative. It is a work inspired by Disney Mickey by KAWS in 1999. Why does COMPANION have no mouth? KAWS’s answer is “I especially don’t want him to talk, so I didn’t give him a mouth.”

The KAWS dolls usually have their heads slightly downwards, with no smile on their staid faces, revealing a strong sense of loneliness. These dolls can express completely different meanings according to different colours, materials, and movements, but they always reveal a sense of loneliness.

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An artist with a market value of hundreds of millions of dollars

KAWS, who is only 45 years old this year, still has works sold at a high price of 100 million Hong Kong dollars in his prime, which is not in line with the principle of “scarcity” in economics. But this also reflects from the side the tremendous power created by KAWS through unlimited sales of works, fun traffic marketing, and cross-border cooperation.

To some extent, KAWS has the status of successor to contemporary Andy Warhol in the art world. In the current art market, similar to KAWS, there are two artists, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami, who have created a market of hundreds of millions of dollars in derivatives other than the original works. When a single piece of KAWS sold for hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars in this year’s Hong Kong Sotheby’s spring auction, two other works by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, “Endless Net #4” and “Pumpkin (TWPOT)” were sold separately, including commissions of 62.4 million and 54.5 million Hong Kong dollars.

These artists are still producing a steady stream of works, co-branding with brands to issue peripheral derivatives, and creating artworks that are affordable for the public. A lot of money has been collected from fans, and at the same time it has created an aesthetic for the society and made some contributions to the aesthetic education of mankind. When artists cooperate more with fashion products and luxury goods, in the end, young people will pursue their works and derivatives as fashion brands. X-Playground provides 100% authenticated KAWS products, where you can buy KAWS figures and other collectibles without any concern. We offer domestic shipping to all orders. Buy your favourite KAWS figures now!

Why is the toy company Medicom Toy selling so expensive?

Some people think that trendy toys are so popular not only because of their potential huge appreciation space, or the driving force of celebrities and senior players but also because of their unconstrained shapes and attitudes towards life. In this fast-developing era, trend toys, with their unique forms of artistic expression, convey distinctive beliefs in the trend of fashion.

Let’s look at Medicom Toy, which is a famous toy manufacturer from Japan. It was formally established in Japan in 1996 by Akashi Tatsuhiko. The reason why Medicom Toy has established its leadership as a Japanese toy manufacturer is that it is both large in scale and sophisticated in manufacturing, which makes Medicom Toy maintain a good reputation in the industry. Medicom Toy has franchised stores and authorized stores throughout Japan as well as online stores on the official website. In 2016, Medicom Toy’s annual sales reached 4.24 billion yen.

Medicom Toy has grown into a trendy toy kingdom

Before founding Medicom Toy, Akashi Tatsuhiko had designed several dolls. His first attempt was to make “Lupin III” and “Iron Man 28” related dolls. On account of the love of animation and manga, Medicom Toy, like most Japanese model play companies, launched most of the humanoid toys related to animation in the early days.

In 2000, Medicom Toy launched a product that changed the company’s future-KUBRICK. KUBRICK is a building block toy with a body model similar to Lego. The KUBRICK series brought the first success for Akashi Tatsuhiko. After the series of toys were launched, they were widely loved by users and greatly increased the popularity of Medicom Toy. After the success of the KUBRICK series, Akashi began to add popular elements to toys to expand Medicom’s audience. For example, the cooperation with the “Grand Theft Auto” game series brought different image styles to his works. Based on KUBRICK, Medicom Toy’s most well-known series [email protected] was born.

From humanoid toys to KUBRICK building block people to [email protected], Medicom Toy has achieved success step by step. In the case that the adult toy market is more occupied by ACG and film IP humanoid toys, Medicom Toy has expanded its audience with trendy toys by giving [email protected] cultural significance. Therefore, it has developed from an ordinary toy company to a trendy toy kingdom.

Blind box sales are parallel to direct sales

In the sales of the [email protected] series of products, Medicom Toy has adopted a combination of blind box sales and direct sales. The most classic style of [email protected] is 100% basic. The basic models launched by the series are usually sold in the form of blind boxes.

Depending on the theme, the probability of each style will be different. Among them, the appearance probability of transparent style is 11.45%, the appearance probability of pattern style is 11.45%, and the appearance probability of hidden style is only 0.52%. [email protected] blind boxes are usually sold in the form of 24 full boxes. In addition, there is also a single-blind box selling method.

The low price and the characteristic of the blind box make it popular with the public. The price of a whole box is almost equal to the price of an ordinary humanoid toy, which can be accepted by most consumers. At the same time, since blind boxes may contain the same styles or hidden models, the desire to collect and the psychology of gambling have also stimulated more consumers’ demand for blind boxes.

Medicom Toy is more than a toy company

Although [email protected] is the trademark of Medicom Toy, there are still many sub-brands and sub-projects in Medicom Toy. As a well-known toy company, Medicom Toy’s products are not limited to toys. It has set foot in products such as clothes, statues, alarm clocks, and rings.

[email protected] is a sub-brand of [email protected] Its products are mainly T-shirts and hoodies printed with [email protected] patterns, as well as school bags, wallets, shopping bags, mugs, and other daily necessities. The price of T-shirts in [email protected] is relatively high. For example, most of the single-product prices are above 3,500 yen and the price of some rare co-branded models can reach 13,000 yen.

Although the production cost of T-shirts is very low, [email protected] can sell at such a high price, mainly due to the brand premium brought by [email protected] as a symbol of trend and fashion.

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Now can you understand why a toy bear can sell at a high price? On the one hand, it contains a wide variety of products either by well-known artists or cooperation with well-known IP. On the other hand, compared with the product itself, Medicom Toy’s non-toy products are more about selling culture and brand value. X-Playground offers 100% authentic Medicom Toy products. Feel free to shop at X-Playground!

Takashi Murakami Flower Floor Mat

X-Playground Buying Guide: Things you should know about Takashi Murakami

X-playground offers premium urban accessories and collectibles. In X-playground, you can find many collectibles like Bearbrick, Takashi Murakami, KAWS, etc.

Who is Takashi Murakami?

Takashi Murakami is one of the most influential and popular Japanese contemporary artists in the world. He is not only being loved as an artist but also as a fashion idol by young people in Japan.

Takashi Murakami said that he had a pure interest in painting and drawing because his mother loves arts and always took him to various art exhibitions, even though he did not know much about art elements and culture at that time.

With the rise of Otaku Culture , he decided to attract the attention of the world with an unprecedented and indescribable way—- “Superflat”

Since the early 1990s, Takashi Murakami has invented popular cartoon-element characters that combine Europe, the United States and Japan-from his first Mr.DOB, to various anime characters and bears, lions, and smiling flowers. These cartoon-element characters can be said to act as icons and symbols, and they are given more complex themes of violence, technology and fantasy.

In 2000, Takashi Murakami hold an exhibition. The exhibition showcased their techniques and media to integrate various aspects of Japanese visual culture, from Ukiyo-e (Ukiyo-e is a print from the Edo period), as well as in cartoons, handwriting, specific Many cute characters in the product. Through this exhibition, Takashi Murakami advances his ultra-flat art theory. At the same time, this exhibition also highlights the “flatness” of Japanese visual culture from traditional painting to contemporary subculture under the background of World War II.

In 2009, Takashi Murakami and the famous art historian Nobuo Tsuji had a creative dialogue centred on Japanese artists (a group of Japanese artists known as Edo weirdos). This dialogue led to Murakami’s upcoming exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2017.

After the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and the subsequent Fukushima nuclear crisis, Takashi Murakami began to explore the impact of historical natural disasters on Japanese culture and art. In 2014, Takashi Murakami held a Gagosian exhibition in West 24th Street in New York, he created an electric and immersive installation, he also showed his fictional character Mr DOB and karajishi, the mythical lion guarding Japanese Buddhist temples, visitors enter through a replica of the sanmon.

Murakami not only incorporates different time periods, styles and themes in his works, but his artistic methods also cross the boundaries between art fairs, studios, galleries, and media. In addition to creating paintings and sculptures, Murakami also organizes art fairs for emerging artists, curates exhibitions for emerging artists, and produces movies, which contain many characters and themes he designed. His works combine fantasy, science and history well, and he proves that these categories cannot be isolated, but are perfectly integrated.

Although Takashi Murakami’s commercial works are widely known, Takashi Murakami’s interest in brand power and global influence is gradually and steadily established by targeting different audiences or creating low-to-high art and high-to-low products. Every creative collaboration of Takashi Murakami paved the way for the expansion of his global influence, making Murakami a household name, and he became more and more important in people’s hearts. He attracts audiences to consume his art all the time, whether by owning a graduation CD, appreciating luxury goods, or collecting his art as a new non-traditional experience.

How to buy collectibles about Takashi Murakami?

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A Variety of Designers

Art toys also called designer toys, often used a lot of materials, including plastic, vinyl, wood, metal and resin etc. So our creators often have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration or fine art. Apart from profession, they are from different cultures, such as France, Western, Asia and Australia, which means, they could show cultural variety from art toys such as keychain mews and museum self-portraits.

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Customers prefer life products, such as cushions, self-portrait and decoration. Our art toys are high quality, often made of ceramic, plastic and crystal. We aim to achieve soft and hand-made products apart from convenience. So our advantage aims to cover house decoration and children toys kit, customers could choose what they need and what style they prefer.


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Graphic Design

“Prints” is another service that offers customers graphic design, such as Doraemon, Child Panda. The graphic design shows art attraction, giving viewers more inspiration and interest in life or nature. X-Playground focuses on cartoon and decoration in a couple of ways, like Doraemon’s back or front smile or posture. The art is from popular TV or ads board.

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