We are X-playground, a Melbourne based business that ships popular, limited, rare and quality designer collectibles internationally worldwide.

Trending with the same popularity and hype as streetwear, designer toys more commonly referred to as art toys are collectible toys inspired by artists or designers. Appealing to a wide demographic group from children to adults, collectible toys derived by the creative inspiration of their artists and quality craftsmanship has created a new and invigorated hype for art. Owning a collectible is holding a quality, limited and unique craftsmanship carefully designed by the artist, everyone’s collections are all different and can be showed off to their friends.

The collectibles here represent the talented work of toy artists, graphic designers, creators and more. From the famous artist Takashi Murakami and his signature “Superflat” aesthetic, to Kaws, Bearbricks and many other popular collectibles. X-playground prides itself in offering premium urban accessories and trending designer collectibles highly sought out globally at a quality price point. Every product is always meticulously sourced and authenticated prior to delivery.


Why We Do it?

With a passion for trending art and visually aesthetic designs that captures the eye, we have come together to be able to provide children, teenagers, and adults the ability to buy designer art toys. The bliss and enjoyment we can provide to our customers who buy these marvelous collectibles, is our passion, being able to share art as a communal joy, and spread it throughout the world is our purpose.

Everyone has a different reaction towards these collectibles, whether it is bliss, amazement, or captivated, the ability to know that our customers are invigorated with such emotions is our motivation. We aspire to evoke these emotions from within you, whether it is from purchasing a collectible from our website, to unboxing the parcel or assigning it a place in your collection.


Where to Buy Designer Art Toys?

Want to start your designer toy collections now from Takashi Murakami Prints or the plethora of decorative Bearbricks or looking to further expand your collection with quality, authentic and limited popular collectibles? Have a browse at our website and what we have to offer for you, we ship internationally so fret not if you are not in Australia.