/ INART The Batman 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure (Premium Edition) (Rooted Hair)

INART The Batman 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure (Premium Edition) (Rooted Hair)


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• Brand: INART
• License: Wamer Bros.
• Material: Metal, Resin, PVC, ABS, Paper, Card, Real Fabric, Wool, Acrylic
• Dimensions: 12 inches

About the Character 
Batman is Gotham’s vengeance, a fearful sight to the dark hearted. An isolated inheritor of Gotham’s wealthiest family. Although he has be left a fortune, he constantly questions his heritage. The world’s greatest detective roams the streets at night waiting to provide retribution to the victimized and a lethal mixture of mental mastery and physical strength to their oppressors. He will bring Gotham into the light, no matter the cost. He is Gotham’s last symbol of hope.

About the Figure
This 1/6 collectible INART The Batman and Bruce Wayne figure is a movie accurate depiction of Robert Pattinson as The Batman and Bruce Wayne from the critically acclaimed 2022 film. Carefully crafted, using the finest materials, the team have captured Pattinson’s likeness with stunning accuracy, with both a sculpted and “rooted hair” option. Both The Batman and Bruce Wayne figures come with all of the essential accessories you need for posing. With 5 editions available, so you can order what’s right for your display and budget. Lucky collectors can also pick up The Batman’s Bat-Logo which can be ordered separately.

One articulated body
One The Batman helmet head sculpt with rolling eyes and three interchangeable facial expressions
One movie accurate Bruce Wayne head sculpt with rooted hair and rolling eyes
Ten interchangeable hands including:
– One pair of open hands
-One pair of fists
-One pair of hooked hands
-One dart right hand
-One grip right hand
-One gun holding right hand
-One gesture right hand
-One Batsuit
-One black cape
-One utility belt including:
-One ammo pack
-One Adrenaline shot double bag
-One double bag
-One handcuff bag
-One triangle button
-One Rappelling down button
-One UV light bag
-One flare bag
-One pair of black combat boots
-One grappling hook gun arm armour body including:
-Two pairs of interchangeable grappling hook guns
-Two wired grappling hooks
-Two grappling hooks
-One detachable magnetic diecast Batarang on chest
-Two diecast Batarangs
-One helmet
-One leg holster
-One sticky bomb gun including
-Two bullets
-Five sets of The Riddler envelopes card
-One pair of handcuffs
-Two Adrenaline shots
-One UV light
-One flare
-One flash light equipped with LED light and two batteries
-One bat logo base
-One utility computer
-One rooted head sculpt display box

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