/ Queen Studios Marvel Avenger Vision 1/1 Scale Life-size Bust Statue

Queen Studios Marvel Avenger Vision 1/1 Scale Life-size Bust Statue


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• Brand: Queen Studios
• License: Marvel|
• Material: Resin, PVC, Real Fabric
• Special Features: Internal lighting in Mind Stone
• Dimensions: 40cm (W), 66.5cm (H), 30.5cm (L)
• Edition Size: 398
• Internal lighting in palms, Internal lighting in eyes, Futuristic glow inside the inner edge

About the Character 
Vision is a unique android with a flawless computer brain and superhuman abilities. While Vision’s body was created by Ultron, It was Stark and Banner that gave him life, like a sort of Frankenstein’s monster. An amalgamation of Stark’s AI, J.A.R.V.I.S, Wakandan Vibranium and the Mind Stone. Each part acting as a cog to the machine that is Vision. The AI his personality, the Vibranium his body, and the Mind Stone, the lifeblood that powers him.

About the Bust
Recreating Vision wasn’t easy, after all this guy isn’t human. The 1/1 life-size Vision Bust has blue, cog-like eyes facing forward, ready to take on Thanos’ Outriders. While his pose reflects his cold, calculating emotionless persona. After receiving collector feedback in 2020, new 1/1 Vision bust now features a movie accurate cape, and a light-up Infinity Stone to add an extra dynamic for display.

Body and Base

To make the 1/1 Vision bust so life-like, our design team must account for every detail. Through trial and error, they have recreated a movie accurate crimson finish with straight lined detailing to make it look like he was created by machine and not man. The crimson body panels create a contrast against Vision’s teal suit with dulled silver edges. The life-size Vision bust’s base is black with golden accents and has been kept minimal to represent the simple yet logical nature of the character.

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