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Takashi Murakami is the sensational artist making a stir in the art industry and ever-expanding collectible culture among every generation. Imagination is an artist’s limitation, but Takashi Murakami, his artwork is as always inspiring and original sparking the impression that there Takashi Murakami is truly a unique and influential artist of the current century. With an avid fanbase around the world globally, it is not a surprise that many of Takashi Murakami’s collectibles have been heavily sought for and at times quite difficult to acquire. After all, Takashi Murakami’s collectibles are one of the most unique collectible designer toys engineered to perfection. Each collectible stands out from the recent drops but embodies popular elements that allure collectors for more!

Although Takashi Murakami collectibles are heavily sought out and rare, X-Playground is here to help! At X-Playground we have an assortment of Takashi Murakami collectibles. The famous smiling sunflower incorporated elements of childhood anime favorites such as Doraemon, the classic small and popular Takashi Murakami pins and prints. Moreover, we have been fortunate enough to acquire even more authentic Takashi Murakami collectibles. Avid collectors, we know you will love these, Takashi Murakami Mugs. With one already sold out, we still have Takashi Murakami Doraemon Mugs and Sunflower Mugs, all of which are bound to make you rejoice and make you want one for your own collection.

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mr maria smiley lamp


Mr Maria is inspired by the iconic Miffy children’s TV show. An easily recognizable image and with a mission to spread joy and happiness to adults, children, and even the elderly. Mr Maria is another unique collectible that many collectors want for its abundance of cuteness. A simplistic design, but the cuteness and impact that it delivers leave people highly seeking any chance to add one of these collectibles to their own personal collections. So popular that even on our website Mr Maria always has a couple of sold-out products. The most popular are Mr Maria Miffy First Light XL Lamp, Mr maria smiley lamp,Mr Maria Lion Star Light Lamp and Mr Maria Boris Star Light Lamp. With one of these lamps sitting around in your house, the warm, cute, and adorable design is enough to melt your heart away-and make you smile! Moreso even, Mr Maria even has an extra-large smiley lamp that is guaranteed to make you instantly smile whenever you see that abundance of joy!

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