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Mighty Jaxx collectibles are quite popular at X-Playground, so we have stocked up a lot of Mighty Jaxx collectibles for our customers! We know that a lot of our products are on pre-order as we have yet to stock up on certain products, but we do have some Mighty Jaxx Collectibles that will expand your impressive collection!

Currently, in stock, we have Mighty Jaxx, A Wood Awakening collectible! Inspired by Pinocchio, a Wood Awakening has taken this beloved childhood character for many growing up in the 2000s and spiced him up with a little twist! There is the classic edition with the original iconic color scheme of the Pinocchio we all know and love from the movies whereas other editions have slightly altered him. In the mood for a bit of naughty love or a little bit of trick or treat, the Mighty Jaxx, A Wood Awakening collection is just waiting to become part of your collections.

Mighty Jaxx XXRAY and Mighty Jaxx XXPOSED have the iconic brown line friends and SpongeBob collectible available right now! Brown line friends are iconic among many collectibles and highly sought out. Extremely adorable and extremely popular, the Iconic Brown Line friends is still in stock for the Mighty Jaxx collectibles but dwindling fast! Secure your Iconic Brown line friends here! Looking for a little funky XXPOSED SpongeBob? We also have you covered, this Mighty Jaxx collectible is also another highly sought item among collectors and extremely popular!

Looking for other iconic Mighty Jaxx collectibles? Check out the Mighty Jaxx collectibles currently offered on Pre-Order and order your Mighty Jaxx collectible!

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Mighty Jaxx collectibles are just some of X-Playground’s heavily sought-out collectibles. X-Playground is a Melbourne-based business, ships popular, limited edition, and rare quality designer collectibles directly to you, allowing you to start your own authentic collections. Every product from Mighty Jaxx collections is acquired authentically allowing you to rest with ease that our products are legitimate. Want to buy Mighty Jaxx for your collection? Check Mighty Jaxx here, hurry whilst stocks last!