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X-playground: The Newly Created Shop in Australia

Offer premium urban accessories and collectibles. Our services cover “creativity, unique and variety”. With one decade of Bearbrick, Kaws, Takashi Murakami, Sneakers and Toys, X-PLAYGROUND delivers quality work after high efficient check work among our team.

A Variety of Designers

Art toys also called designer toys, often used a lot of materials, including plastic, vinyl, wood, metal and resin etc. So our creators often have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration or fine art. Apart from profession, they are from different cultures, such as France, Western, Asia and Australia, which means, they could show cultural variety from art toys such as keychain mews and museum self-portraits.

Best Seller

Customers prefer life products, such as cushions, self-portrait and decoration. Our art toys are high quality, often made of ceramic, plastic and crystal. We aim to achieve soft and hand-made products apart from convenience. So our advantage aims to cover house decoration and children toys kit, customers could choose what they need and what style they prefer.


We also offer shoes, including NIKE, ADIDAS and JORDAN, to get your favourite, we give “filters”, to choose a price range for customers. With popular brands, X-Playground offer high-quality products for different budgets. For preference, they could cover sports, work and casual style.

Graphic Design

“Prints” is another service that offers customers graphic design, such as Doraemon, Child Panda. The graphic design shows art attraction, giving viewers more inspiration and interest in life or nature. X-Playground focuses on cartoon and decoration in a couple of ways, like Doraemon’s back or front smile or posture. The art is from popular TV or ads board.

About Us

X-Playground has an introduction and summary to operate as the about us art toys company in Victoria. X-Playground is fully compliant, plus EPA and WorkSafe approved. We hold a Customer Relationship Management System. If you need an X-Playground’s products online or delivery, we’d happy to give the best options to choose and serve customers with fast delivery.

Customer Service

We have a professional team to work through the whole process. Our web gives you enough information up-to-date for shopping, and questions, we also have different ways for the public, including WeChat, email, Instagram and code-scan. For language, we have both English and Chinese to change the web page. So you could decide on getting many details. Our customers don’t have to take care of anything; all they need to do is contact us.

Give Customers Our Best

Compared with competitors, we focus on cartoon items and small decoration, which are more attractive in life. That’s because we prefer to make and transfer more happiness to individuals or household, not government or industry. Apart from these, our web offer shoes, ready to wear, sports cards etc. These things are all needed for most people. For shoes, we give popular brands with high quality after our successful research and check; For ready to wear, we offer hoodie black, hat, and T-shirt. Those clothes are simple but popularly used as sunshine is strong in Melbourne and the weather is changeable. Finally, we would pay most attention to customers’ needs. To update our products and follow their interest in future all the time. Because customers’ interest always change and they want us to change as well. This is also our culture in the market, no matter how fast the market changes, we would follow and upgrade to match customers’ need.

Contact Us

We are a trusted independent supplier of art toys in the Melbourne region. If you are a business, company, or residential individuals who require graphic designs, sports card or new wears, you can contact us today. Please email us at [email protected] to request a free quote.